Greetings an Welcome!

This will be my first ongoing attempt as a GM for D&D 4.0. Something you need to know off the bat about me: I am not a Rule Nazi. I am not a power gamer. I am a Story Teller. I will do my best to post updates on characters, storyline, plot progress, etc. I am doing this to keep track of the story and do my best to recrod the adventures of our intrepid gang of heros on this quest. If I botch something on a Roll, feel free to comment, but I may not listen, as I am a Story Teller. I don’t care so much about hard regulated rules as I do about making sure the story gets told.

Below is the basic outline to the Legend that will set the course for our adventurers. Enjoy.

Many centuries ago there existed a Astrolabe. This Astrolabe held the power to conquer a universe, bring life to the dead, and more. It was an age of prosperity and the Astrolabe was used equally by the gods and People. However, slowly the Astrolabe’s beauty began to eat away at their hearts . . . washing away their wills and slowly filling them with the greed and jealousy of power. One woman alone faced the men and gods. She wielded the sacred sword of her holy people, the Rakagashea Blade. The evil which surrounded the Astrolabe shaped itself into an incident known as “The Great Alluvion”. For many a long day, this woman fought the daemon and its minions. Her noble deeds had earned her the title of “The Sword Sorceress”. Alas, unable to daefeat the demon, she gave her life to imprison the evil, banishing it to the netherworld where life is forfeit and neither good nor evil bade power. The battle ended, leaving the Rakagashea Blade and Astrolabe to be lost in history. . ..